South West Pinnacle

Of all the dive sites I had the opportunity to explore, SouthWest Pinnacle is one that I remember time and time again.

The location:

SW Pinnacle is located near Koh Tao, in the Gulf of Thailand. This beautiful site often gets forgotten in the clamor for Chumphon Pinnacle but it’s easily as magnificent. A circular site of granite blocks which have the shape of a pyramid, looking as grand as its Egyptian counterparts.


The Dive Leader:

Paivi Maria Kinnunen was an awesome dive leader. We became friends after the dive and still keep in touch for sharing dive stories and planning dive-trips.



The descent:

As soon as the pre-dive brief and safety checks were done, we did a backflip entry into the water. Paivi signalled for descent and I pulled the dump valves to begin the dive.

The site:

The dive site is truly breathtaking. Granite boulders, pinnacles of different sizes, amazing marine life.

The underwater landscape is surreal, remarkable and beautiful.

For me, this was an overdose of diving excitement, as you can see in the photos below:

We spotted blue-spotted sting-ray resting on the seafloor beneath a boulder.


The Ascent:

  • We saw another group while we waited on our safety stop. It was a very calm, relaxed and stress-free experience indeed.

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