Sail Rock – Magical, Mystic, Mesmerizing

Sail Rock is one huge circular pinnacle that rises from the sea bed and juts out of the water. The waters around Sail Rock are overflowing with colour and diversity. Inquisitive Batfish school and pose for photographs. Everywhere you look there are huge Groupers, some hidden under overhangs, others on the move around the dive site. Schools of Chevron and Great Barracuda hang just off the pinnacle in the blue. Don’t forget to look up to see large groups of Barracuda or Crocodile Needlefish.

I had the chance to dive this remarkable site on May 5th 2016. The we used a fast speedboat on a 2-dive expedition to this site. I have been planning for this site for a while. It was deep and could have strong currents, so I trained hard and raked up my dive experience so have the skills to fully enjoy the dive. I did not have my flash then, and I plan to dive Sail Rock again.


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