This is me. Tanveer. Scuba diving is my passion. Sometimes in 2014 I was working at Royong for Chevron Major Capital Project and spending boring weekends close to the sea. I decided to give diving a try with a DSD… and I was hooked. Since then diving has been a must-do activity on my holidays. My passion  for photography has entered the whole new arena of the world’s oceans, lakes and river.

My Certifications:


Diving is a unique adventure sport. It is also the only way to see the two thirds of the world with your own eyes. After my 30th dive, I realized that diving is not just the photos and videos, it is the people, the conversations, the events before, during and after the dive that makes it a cherished memory. I wanted to write about my diving adventures in divelogs, and facebook posts but keeping all of them was a challenge and many of my friends and well-wishers asked me to put them together. This blog is my way of doing so.

If you want to know more, drop me a line at mdtanveer@gmail.com.

Thank you.
Md Tanveer Yasser